What is it? Is it necessary?

How Important is Branding? Do you really need it?

The truth is that your uniqueness starts much deeper than your website and we usually call it Branding. Brand, a misunderstood meaning in most, is more than just a logo and extends far beyond visual material.

When we talk about Branding, we think about everything that has to do with our business. From the way we serve our customers, how we answer the phone and, of course, our presentation in electronic and printed material.

Your Brand therefore represents your entire business and should deliver the above messages to your listeners. Is it worth it then or just having a website will accomplish everything for you?

Make a real impact
Your Brand... is far more than just a logo

What is then Brand & and Branding;

Over the past few years, two of the many trendy words that have been used a lot but often not knowing what they really mean, are brand and branding.

To be fair though, the word brand has evolved over the years in terms of its meaning so this has created a relative confusion.

Branding and Marketing

Many confuse branding with marketing. Branding refers to a company's strategy while marketing in the tactics to be followed to implement this strategy. So branding is preceded by marketing. And it is a dynamic and non-linear process. It's the umbrella!

Marketing is what makes people buy a product / service while Branding is what makes people connect to a product / service, making people remember a product / service that makes people trust a company and turn them into real fans.

Branding and Design

All business names and logos are not brands. Coca-Cola is a global brand. So business names and logos can become brands through the conscious choice of a specific strategy based on value-creation, benefit and diversification processes, always aiming at the emotional association of a company with a particular audience with a particular target group.

All of the above are the tools used to promote a brand on the market, but it's not that brand. So be careful when we say we're branding. It's too much talk! And to make branding requires deep knowledge of various scientific fields and integration of them.

Finally what is Brand and Branding?

So to the question what Branding is can we answer:

It is this thing that triggers in people's sentiment and minds. It is related to creating the identity of a company, identity in the sense of who we are, who we want to become and how we want others to see us. It is what differentiates one company from another. It's what tells us what to expect from a company. It's the perception, the impression people have of a company and of course the products / services it produces.

Branding (as a verb) concerns all those actions that create and empower a brand. That's why a company is known.

Branding (as a noun) is all the elements that make up a brand that is the logo, the packaging, the color, the reputation of the benefits a person derives from the use of a product / service of a company.

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