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What is the meaning of Business Management and Administration?
planning, organizing, directing, controlling or otherwise management

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It has been observed that there is no clear understanding of the meaning of the term "business management", even by people doing business. For example, the owner of a retail store that employs two employees has a simpler understanding of management than the manager of a business that employs hundreds of employees.

It seems that the definition of the term is dependent on the past, the experience and the breadth of the people's activities. There have been many different definitions for management, such as, for example:

A system of actions to achieve the goals of an organization by making effective use of specific resources.

The function that allows results or targets to be achieved through other people.

However, the definition which, in our opinion, makes a significant contribution to understanding this concept is the following, which he considers to be the management, the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of an enterprise (or an organization) in order to effectively achieve their goals.

It is therefore clear that the concept of management (organization and administration) is directly linked to the effectiveness of the Enterprise (or the Agency).

For effective management it is recommended that the businessman contact the business consultants. Indeed, when it comes to web promotion of a business, the presence of business consultants specializing in web applications and promotion will be particularly helpful.

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