ErgoHome Case Study

The following analysis concerns Website Design and Internet Marketing for a Home Renovation and Furniture Manufacturing business with intent to increase its clientele through organic traffic from interent search engines.
A team with excellent knowledge in web design. We created our new website and everything was done just as we had been told from the beginning about our progressive and steady ranking in search results. Α. Stampoulidis
Real Life Case Study

Meet the Client

The client is ErgoHome, a new business making its first steps in the field of home renovation, special constructions and furniture rebuilding.

The company has a rich history of work in the field of furniture manufacturing and refurbishment in the pharmacy sector.

In recent years, it has also been active in the field of renovations of commercial spaces.

Which were the client's targets?

Due to the economic crisis, although the company has a wealth of background material and extensive know-how, it has set itself the goal of expanding its horizons in order to increase its clientele.

The main goal of the company is to direct their professional activities in the field of residential renovations and also to apply their technical knowledge and experience to home furniture.

And this is something that can be achieved with targeted actions through the internet.

A tool that will serve these goals in the long run is the development of a custom made professional site where information, material, subsidies, projects, etc. will be displayed in the field of home renovation.

Which were the Needs of the Client?

The country's economic downturn has affected the company's industry more than ever before. It was considered necessary to broaden the horizons of the company in order to increase its clientele by addressing the means available to the internet.

Internet competition in the field of residential renovation is particularly high.

This has created the need for clear-cut concrete targets for residential renovations.

Today, most users when they want to search for something, the easiest and quick way they do this is through search engines (Google).

In such a case, the resulting direct results amount to 301,000, a very high number that raises the bar of competition. So research, study, and design were necessary actions before making any implementation.

There was also a need for a proper and integrated branding to effectively organize the company's presence in this industry and the general public.

Branding is associated with creating the identity of the company, identity in the sense of who they are, who they want to be, and how they want others to see them. Applying branding methods is what differentiated the company from others. Branding has shaped the perception that the general public has about the company and, of course, about the products / services it produces.

How did we respond to these needs and how we helped our client achieve their goals?

By working with the customer to recognize the online business goals, we have put forward our proposals and then a realistic plan of action to achieve the goals has been set up.

We primarily looked at the potential for growth in our existing clientele and then we explored the methods of expanding it as we took into account that potentially the development of the existing clientele was more economical, quicker and easier than obtaining a new one.

We have studied the audience you are addressing the customer's company. We discussed extensively and thoroughly with the customer himself in order to clarify the goals I want, but also to see if we can broaden the customer's horizons, choices and target market.

Gradually and methodically, within a period of about six (6) months, our ErgoHome customer site was already on the first search pages.

This result has contributed to the modules and techniques that have been systematically used on the company's website. So when, for example, the user searches online for rebuilding home furnishings or kitchen construction or home renovation (see Graph), the site appears in the results of the first pages in the search engines.

Noteworthy is the fact that all of this was accomplished without the use of paid advertisements, like GoogleAdWords.

Responsive Design

It was necessary to predict the correct, straightforward and fast view of the pages of the website from any device and whether the user would use it to browse the site.

Each device (mobile, tablet, desktop) has a separate layout, carefully designed to be handy and fast. The result is that you can browse easily, quickly, pleasantly from all the devices.

How did the client's Business Benefit?

About 5 months after the activation of the website, the client started having frequent incoming messages through the site's Contact Form as well as incoming calls of customers requesting an offer and showing interest in their company's services.

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