Makris Scaffolding Case Study

The following analysis concerns Website Design and Internet Marketing for a Scaffolding Rental and Placement business with intent to increase its clientele through organic traffic from interent search engines.
We receive a lot of phone calls from engineers, architects, etc. who find us on the internet B. Makris
Real Life Case Study

Meet the Client

The client is the company MAKRIS SCAFFOLDING which is active in the area of Scaffolding Rental and Erections.

Which were the client's targets?

The aim is to establish the company in its field. Progressive recognition of the company's achievements and activities. And this is something that can be achieved with targeted actions through the internet.

Which were the Needs of the Client?

As a start-up company that emerged in 2009, the company needed to get to the point of competing companies with a similar object in its field which were well established.

With the region of Attica measuring about 1,000 scaffolding companies, the competition was relatively high with many demands.

Appropriate strategy and planning were necessary actions.

There was also a need for a proper and integrated branding to effectively organize the company's presence to the general public.

Branding is related to creating the identity of the company, identity in the sense of who they are, who they want to be, and how they want others to see them. Applying branding methods is what differentiated the company from others. Branding has shaped the perception the general public has about the company and, of course, about the products / services it offers.

How did we respond to these needs and how we helped our client achieve their goals?

We have studied the target market of our customer's company.

Who were the ones who would be interested in the services they offer and how would they go about looking for such services.

Detailed answers to these queries helped us design a strategy and identify specific target markets with the best potential.

Then, the implementation of all our work has been aligned with the above objectives.

Gradually and methodically, within a period of about four (4) months, the MAKRIS SCAFFOLDING site was already on the first pages of searches.

It's worth noting that all of this has been done without the use of paid advertisements, like Google AdWords.

Orismos, taking on the complete corporate presentation and marketing of MAKRIS SCAFFOLDING, has not dealt with the company's online marketing only.

There have also been offline services that have gradually given prominence to a newly established corporate presence of a new corporate profile. Ideas and practices that brought the logo and branding of the company into daily visual contact with the world.

Through the branding and the motto "Scaffold With Us" (which in Greek also carries the humorous notion of Stick With Us) we gave the customer a powerful and prestigious presence, credibility and at the same time with this ambiguous notion emphasized that the customers will be so happy with the result that they will want to stick around for future collaborations.

Also, the modules and techniques that were systematically used on the company's website, while studying the target market, brought the company's website to the first pages of searches within about four months. For example, when the user searches online for scaffolding or renting scaffolds (see Graph - keywords in Greek), the site appears in the first page results on the search engines (for the area of Greece).

As a result, this has increased the number of potential clients for the company.

How did the client's Business Benefit?

After approximately four (4) months of getting the website live, the customer had incoming messages through the website's contact form, and seen a sharp increase of incoming calls from customers requesting quotes for their services.

As a result, the company's business has increased contrary to the fall in the construction sector due to the economic crisis in the country.

Strong and undisputed proof of the case study mentioned above is the material on the client's own website.

The results are also visible from the plethora of projects published in a structured way through the customer's website.

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