Video & Sound Editing

Video editing with cutting-edge software
Video resolution up to 4K

Video Edit

The easiest thing nowadays is to record moments of our everyday life on video, as almost everyone has a mobile phone with a powerful digital camera.

These videos can be stored either on high-capacity SD cards or in a storage space, or even be mailed to others so they can be stored on their computer.

Some of these amateur videos we may decide to use for business purposes. Perhaps some of this material has such an analysis that will allow us to process it in order to add it on another video.

Video processing - which has been captured analogically (eg S-Video, TV-in) or digitally (USB, Firewire) - is done using appropriate hardware and software.

After capturing, coding - compressing and storing a video in digital format, it is processed and saved in the appropriate format for the intended use.

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