e-Shop Development

e-shop without limitations, designed for your needs

What makes internet visitors buy your products?

Perhaps you've noticed in the past two similar shops next to each other, except that one is full and has a queue outside while the next one is empty. Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

The answer is very simple. The busy shop has Discovered What Attracts and Sells to the customer while the empty shop is still looking for answers. It is of no surprise to notice that the same happens with websites.

Suppose you have the best internet strategy and thousands of buyers flock to your website every day. What benefit would you have if nobody buys your products or services while your competitor's websites are selling big time?

Traffic alone is NOT Enough for the success of your website. Your website needs to be user friendly and carry the right messages that will convince the visitor to do business with you. But how can you ensure that your page is properly crafted to attract visitors to buy what you offer to them?

Effective Web Design which Sells
The success of an e-shop is to transfer your physical store online to increase your customer base

Your Physical Store Online

An e-shop has nothing to envy from a physical store. The deployment of an e-shop should accomplish exactly this: transfer your physical store online. There is no doubt that efficient e-shop construction should best show your products, services and business dynamics so you have the sales growth you expect.

e-Shop with Quick Checkout

Once your customer adds a product to his cart, you want to be able to complete his order easily and quickly. Before he regrets it. And surely, the paying process must not be difficult, because that may lead to a break in the buying process.

At ORISMOS IT we place special emphasis on shopping convenience and for this reason we have developed a quick checkout for our customers' e-shop.

At checkout every detail makes a difference. Although each e-shop has different needs and its users respond differently, we start from a high level of performance based on past experience and we improve it in the long run by testing and measuring what works best.

Custom e-Shop Development without Restrictions

Our team is not limited by ready-made templates or mechanisms. It has the experience and the ability to develop any appearance and any functionality on your e-shop so you can achieve exactly what you want.

e-shop Modules (add-ons)

At Orismos IT we develop bespoke Modules according to the needs that can arise in an online store and the specifics of the products that will be marketed by your online business store.

In its effort to create a competitive edge in its partners' online stores vs the other online stores in the market, Orismos IT is constantly developing new innovative sets of specialized add-on tools (Modules).

All e-shop Modules we develop for our customers are provided with a guarantee of good operation and technical support of the operation of the e-shop.

On computers, a plug-in (or module) is a set of software components that adds special skills to a larger software application. If supported, eshop modules allow you to customize the functionality of the application. For example, addons commonly used in Web browsers to play video, scan for viruses, and display new file types. Known examples of modules are Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, and Microsoft-Silverlight..


All credit card transactions take place in the safe and secure environment of online merchants (PayPal, High Street banks, etc).

By linking your online store with one of the available online merchant, you have the ability when your customers make purchases from your online store to securely pay you with credit cards.

We also install 256Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in all our online stores both in the sensitive customer area and in the store manager area.

Responsive Web Design

Website development is a rapidly evolving business

Mobile use grows sharply

The use of the mobile web is developing at an extremely fast pace, which presents enormous opportunities. A website that is not made for use and performance on mobile devices leaves a tremendous amount of opportunity to be missed. Our professional and responsive custom made designs (responsive web design) deliver great results for computer and mobile users.

Also, the competition is very high, and therefore every detail that reflects and corresponds to the design of the time is very important. The new necessity that has been created for all websites, whether in operation or under construction, is responsive design.

What is Responsive Design?

The word responsive describes someone who adapts to the environment in which he / she finds himself / herself and responds successfully to the changes to which he / she is subjected. This is exactly the concept of responsive for web design.

Therefore, a website is considered responsive when its content can be tailored to each user and in any way they can be visited.

One of the most popular examples is the screen size of the device used to connect to the internet. As is well known, surfing the Internet is no longer a privilege of computers alone. Mobile phones and tablets are constantly gaining more reputation and are more often chosen to browse web pages because of the ease and usability they present.

The data that make up the site should be adapted to even the smallest of screens, without altering their content or omitting information. In the past years there was no such need for responsive design, but today it is a prerequisite for every website.

As the needs of web sites grow, both the demands on their creators become more intense

Why Should You Choose the Responsive Design?

As is perfectly normal, the main reason why a website is required to be responsive is the satisfaction and convenience to the users who visit it.

The more accessible the page, the better the users who are connected to it will feel. This, in effect, increases the traffic and effectiveness of the website. When users are not able to see a web page in normal format when visiting from their mobile phone or tablet, it is perfectly normal to move on and choose another website that meets their needs.

Economical and Competitive Solution

An additional advantage of responsive website designs is that it's like having "two in one". Until recently, if someone wanted to have an internet presence and a website that works well on a desktop computer and on mobile devices (mobile, tablet, etc.), it had to have two different and independent platforms. Therefore, a mobile site and another for desktop computers was needed to be built and maintained. In turn, this meant that the cost of building and running a website was rising.

With responsive technology, we maintain and develop the same philosophy of our websites for all device types. The development of web pages with responsive web design enables us to develop websites and web applications, at minimum cost and faster.

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