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Is it time yet to get an app for your business?
More and more users access the internet from their mobile phone

Mobile Apps will trully help you

International surveys show that more and more users have access to the internet from their mobile phone. Soon, those who will visit your e-shop or your corporate website via their mobile phone will be the majority.

To achieve the best value for money, your e-shop or corporate website should have either a mobile version for smart phones or a dedicated iPhone / Android Application).

At Orismos.com we can design the iPhone or Android native application with you. Having iPhone application and / or Android Application improves the experience of the user visiting your online store or corporate website while upgrading your business image.

If you think mobile apps are only for large companies and for interactive applications, you're wrong. More and more small and medium-sized businesses, following the "mobile trend", are beginning to understand that an effective strategy to promote and promote their business or work involves much more than just a mobile site.

These businesses are looking ahead, moving their job to the next level.

If you are not yet sure why someone would like to create their own mobile platform, we list the main benefits of moving to this path earlier and not later.

Be Accessible to Your Customers at Any Time

Statistics show that the average person spends more than two hours a day on his mobile device. While perhaps only a handful of applications make the most of this overall use, it does not change the fact that each user needs to unlock, scroll, and scan his device to go to the applications he is looking for. Being "in the middle of his way" when looking to find an app on his cell phone to open it can be an advantage for your company as our mind unconsciously records every image and text (or a well-designed app icon! ) That we find on our way - even if this happens without understanding it.

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Apps serve many functions: they can provide general information, view news, values, search functions, news feeds, and more.

Branding and Recognition

A mobile app for your business can make a significant contribution to your brand, logo, and company.

Stand out from Competition

These days, small-business mobile apps are still scarce, and that's where you can jump in front of your competitors. Be the first in your space to offer a mobile app for your customers.

Key Features of Mobile Applications

Dynamic Content Refresh

The mobile apps we build are usually accompanied by a Content Management System to have full control over the data that is served by your application. Applications are securely connected to this system to retrieve all the up-to-date information they need to operate. If you already have a Content Management System or other backoffice system, we can connect with it as long as the manufacturers provide appropriate web services.

Offline Mode

In order to save on the use of the data network, we store local data on the device when it connects to a WiFi network to support offline operation.

Location Based Services

We use the phone's GPS to allow each user of the application to view information (maps, products, offers, points of sale, etc.) related to his current location.

Custom Design

Each app is uniquely designed to match the branding of your business. Apps are designed to maintain their visual identity regardless of device: Android phones & tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone. The design is based on usability and better use of available space on every screen.

Push Notifications

We support push notifications on all devices based on automatic mechanisms that are activated with user options or according to your own scheduling.

Use Device Features

We use the inherent capabilities of each device like the camera, calendar, contacts, GPS, accelerometer.

Usage statistics

We can generate reports according to the usage information you want to track in the application, such as how many times the application was opened, read articles, play video, a lot of likes, add to favorites, etc.

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