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Through Internet Marketing we can attain quality visitors of our website

Which aspects of Internet Marketing are right for your business? Social Networks, Pay per Click, Banner Advertising etc.

Proper and efficient exploitation of the free organic Internet traffic is an important first move since you decided to get into the Internet. But in itself it is often not enough to support your business.

There are many marketing tools in the form of banner, social media, pay per click advertisements, etc. The truth is that the more forms of Marketing you use, the more successful your business will be. But all of this costs not only in cash but mostly in time, because one has to oversee and control their effectiveness.

Here it is worth highlighting that, while there are many dozens of marketing kinds, they do not all have the same effect and effectiveness in all businesses.

But how do you decide what kind of marketing will you use to avoid wasting your resources unnecessarily?

Focused Internet Marketing
It is very important to find the trigger points of the people who are the market you are addressing

Internet Marketing

If you ask what Internet Marketing is, you will get many answers, some wrong, some incomplete and very few. Too many think Internet Marketing is about search engines. Much of Internet Marketing takes place through search engines such as SEO and PPC Marketing, but Internet Marketing is not just that.

Quality Traffic

Each website is created to serve at least one goal, usually to increase the company's profit or to improve its brand name. To achieve these goals, websites are constructed, or should be built, to facilitate conversion of visitors to customers or leads.

Changing visitors to customers is simple and easy to understand. We build a website that sells products or services, and some of the visitors are convinced to make an online purchase if it's an online store or to contact the service provider represented by the website.

Conversion of visitors to leads is a bit more tricky to understand to those who have little contact with Internet Marketing. There are many businesses that create a website not to sell online but to "catch" the prospective customer at the beginning of the purchase cycle, etc.

In such cases, in order to create interest, websites are constructed for the purpose of the visitor: - Give his email, or - downloaded an ebook or whitepaper, or - downloaded a trial program, or -create an account on the website, or -to become a member of the company's social media, etc

As you understand, in order to increase the chances of visitors to a website buying online or becoming interested, they should really be interested in the products of the business or in its activity in general. These visitors are quality visitors, they are the high quality traffic and with Internet Marketing we can find them!

Imagine costing you hundreds or thousands of pounds each month, to have many visitors to your website but only a very small percentage of them become buying customers. In such a case you would not be making a profit. In the long run, if you continued like that, the business would more likely go bust.

What is Needed For Effective Internet Marketing?

Initially, Market Research is of the utmost importance, to find exactly what market you are targeting.

  • What are the characteristics of the people who make up this market?
  • You need to find items like average age, education level, gender, etc.
  • It is very important to find out what motivates the people that make up the market you are targeting

The motivation of a man who buys a Ferrari is of course not going faster in his job. The deepest motivation is the social status, prestige and glamor that a Ferrari gives, to name but a few.

In Internet Marketing it is also very important to find exactly where your potential customers are.
Do they Google?
If so, then what keywords do they search for (keyword research);
Do they participate in forums and which ones?
Do they read articles, get updated with the latest news and how?

You can find these items easily by searching for the most popular Internet sites related to your market, by analyzing your competitors' marketing, by brainstorming, and by asking your existing customers. It is very helpful to see precisely what arguments competitors use to sell their product. Finding just what your potential customers are looking for can help you target more effectively the different marketing actions you need to employ.

After the market research, you may have to do modifications to the product or services you offer on the basis of all the new data. The ideal offer should have a high ROI (return on investment) for the customers, fully meet their needs, be credible and cost reasonably.

Copywriting will then be written to convince site visitors to become customers (or to do whatever action you want, such as filling out a contact form).

The next step is to design the site's structure, design, and with the help of specialized people to build the development sites.

Finally, you should think about how to make these customers all of your clients and how to maximize lifetime value with up-selling, down-selling, cross-selling, back-end offers, continuity program, and recommendations.

Of course, all of this may seem difficult, possibly complicated and time-consuming. There is no reason, however, to be troubled or stressed. ORISMOS IT is near you, next to you to thoroughly guide you and implement the whole process successfully!

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