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Whould you like to increase the Free Organic Traffic on your website?

How can you take advantage of free internet traffic?

Congratulations! You just got your first website on the Internet. You will definitely expect the next day to have thousands of visitors struggling to shop your products. But you may be disappointed if you have not done your research before. With nearly 1 billion sites currently on the internet, your new page could be likened to a shop somewhere in the amazon rainforest. How easy do you think it is to find someone?

You will be happy to learn that on the Internet things have become a little easier today with the help of search engines. These machines automatically use programs that visit all the websites they discover and read their content so that when you ask them a question, they know where to send you for your answer. Think of these machines as taxi drivers that take you just outside the shop you want in the amazon rainforest.

Millions of people are searching every day on search engines for things that interest them and are the organic move that you want to take advantage of.

How can you ensure that search engines know everything about your shop and will lead interested buyers to your door?

Search Engine Optimisation
Organic traffic is visitors coming from search engines rather than paid ads

Website Promotion SEO

Designing and developing a website is the first and perhaps the most important step for the online presence of your business. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of the first impression, the point is to be functional and user-friendly not only user friendly but also SEO friendly.

As far as user-friendliness is concerned (responsive and mobile-friendly design etc), this is about designing and developing the website or e-shop. In the segment of search engine friendliness we find the term search engine optimization or SEO - Search Engine Optimization. And when we talk about search engines in Greece, we mostly refer to Google, which holds about 90% of all searches on the web.

Promoting a website through the SEO service to organic search engine results through its optimization is an extremely laborious process, multidimensional, with plenty of technical parameters and requires dedication, persistence, patience and continued engagement.

What really is SEO?

Promotion / Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing a site's physical / organic ranking, relevancy and reputation in order to maximize the traffic that comes from the search engines. The importance of this process is also supported by the fact that 75% of traffic to a website comes from organic searches as opposed to 25% of paid Google AdWords ads.

Of the 75% of organic searches, 75% of them are search results on the first page of Google. This simply means that it is extremely important for your business to be there in the first 10 organic Google results. Given Google's dominance in the Greek market (97% of searches are done on Google's search engine), let's see how its mechanism works. In order for Google to show the most relevant results to a user who searches for something on Google Search, it fits what the user is looking for (based on the keyword he is typing) with the content available online (especially text on the pages) and Classifies the page based on how well it fits into what they are requesting (based on the use of keywords or keywords) and the reputation of the reputation, that is, the number but above all the quality of the other pages linked to our page; All the above p Embraces all sites of a similar nature.

Technically, the above process is done by using special programs that initially crawl the entire web content and then index the content selected on the basis of specific criteria in order to be available to users To search through search engines.

Successful Optimization SEO Prerequisites

The process of promoting / optimizing websites to target organic search engine results is probably one of the biggest challenges in the context of modern internet marketing and requires a global approach to things. As a component of the marketing mix should be considered taking into account:
1. Analysis of business activity and strategy (understanding the target market, research on products / services offered, customer base targeting, etc.)
2. Analysis of the external environment (customer groups, competitor study, etc.)
3. Parameters for on-page and off-page optimization, social media, search engines, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions for Website Promotion

What is SEO in simple words?

The term comes from the initials of Search Engine Optimization - SEO. This is all the actions that take place either on the site itself or outside of it in order to be able to bring our website as high as possible to the ranking of organic search engine results.

In even simpler words... I have an eshop with eg vitamins. My purpose is when a user types the word "vitamins" (keyword = keyword) in a search engine, our site is as high as the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Is It So Important To Be On The First Page In Google Searches?

In just one word... YES. Surveys have shown that Click Through Rate (CTR), that is, the percentage of clicked results is 80% in the first page entries and only 20% of users go to the next pages. The lion's share of course occupies the top three positions. With even simpler words ... In our example eshop, if we bring our website to the first page of searches (each page contains 10 results), out of the 100 who are looking for "vitamins", 80 will click on one of these websites , So ours. If we think that this exact word is searched for by about 6,000 people per month, 80% * 6000 = 4800 people will be directed to our site. And all this from a single word!

How many kinds of SEO are there?

The web optimization process consists of 2 separate but inseparably interconnected pieces. This on-page optimization, which refers to actions that take place on our own website (eg, title setting, proper use of keywords etc.) and off-page related to actions we actually do to "advertise" In the outside world.

In detail:

On-Page Optimization

In Search Engine Optimization, online optimization pages refer to factors that affect your website. These factors are controlled by you or by encoding your page. Examples of online optimization pages include the use of actual HTML & HTML5 code, the use of keywords, title tags and description, internal link, image optimization, etc.

Off-page Optimization

In search engine optimization, offline optimization pages refer to factors that affect your website or your page list in natural search results. These factors are off-site in that they are not controlled by you or the encoding of your page. Examples of off-page optimization are like the popularity of page links and their ranking.

I Advertise on Google AdWords. What Do I Need SEO?

One of the most widespread and at the same time the most effective way of displaying / promoting our site is through paid advertising in Google AdWords. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it is targeted at the audience that searches for our products / services at the time it takes them. Also, when the campaign is activated, the response is immediate (just a few minutes). But it also has a significant disadvantage, especially when it is (quite wrongly) the only way to promote our website. Once we stop investing in advertising, it stops instantly from the traffic flowing from this energy. Also, its cost is quite high and in the long run, obviously, it is economically unprofitable. SEO on the other hand has more permanent results and its value is credited to our domain. If we take into account the fact that 70-75% of traffic comes from organic results rather than ads and that 85% of users seem to vote for SERPs, we probably have a ... winner!

Okay ... Sounds Easy. I got an idea ... I'll do it myself!

When we have a health problem, we do not study Medicine to self-care, but we are addressing the doctor and following his advice. Of course, you will say, here many even deny doctors and follow their own treatments, the digital marketer will hear about SEO issues?

To talk a bit more technically, with more than 600 updates of Google's algorithms (and how many other search engines) per year, and more than 200 ranking factors to count on the overall rankings of a website, if you think You can have "full time" professional engagement with the SEO of your website, then it's probably time to look for another job ...

I had a second thought... I will assign my SEO to an expert. In how many days will my website be the first result?

With the total number of active websites reaching up to 1 billion, and given the wishes of (overwhelming) more being on Google's first page (10th), do not you think it's a little difficult to fit all of us?

A relatively recent ad said "it's not about the amount of work, it's about the way you do it". Unfortunately, in our case, the amount of work counts as much as the way you do it. SEO is organic and as such it takes time to ... thrive. For a new site, a period of at least 6 months (depending on the market, goals and competition) is necessary to start seeing good results.

OK, I've had SEO for 3 months. I think it is enough...

This reminds us of people going to the gym for a very limited time, 1 month, with a specific purpose. Certainly there are these (and many) cases. But whoever wants to be healthy 365 days a year is trained in the other 11 months. As we said above, changes in the game are now many, common and ... painful many times if we do not know how and why.

At the end of the day... How much does it cost?

Well then ... sooner or later, everything ends up there. How expensive is sports? Internet sports in general is expensive, very expensive. In this context SEO is also expensive with its exact cost to be determined by many factors. We always talk about cases where someone wants to deal seriously and professionally with their online business and not on the cases we just keep a blog and we do not care if our only readers are our limited circle. What you need is a good business / marketing plan, they are the right partners and an appetite for a lot of work. The time when the internet was an "easy" affair (for those few) has gone irretrievably.

However, that said, if you are in business, you should think of your prmotions cost more as investment rather than just a plain cost. If your SEO is done right, you should be getting back your SEO investment back at least two-fold and above!

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